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WitCom facilitates communication between defense attorneys and witnesses without revealing either party’s contact information.

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How It Works

WitCom is the leading communication platform for the United States legal system.

The District Attorney’s Office initiates the case in the WitCom system including both witness and defense attorney contact information.

The assigned defense attorney receives access to the case in their WitCom mobile app and communicates with witnesses through voice calls and text messages.

Each party’s contact information remains secure with our innovative anonymization technology.

The District Attorney’s Office and defense attorneys stay in sync with real-time updates to case and witness information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Defense Attorneys

Is the WitCom application supported on the iPad?

Answer: No. It is not supported on the iPad.

Can I use the WitCom application with Language Line?

Answer: Yes. For Language Line, please dial the Language Line number first, place the call on hold, and then connect with the witness through the WitCom mobile app. When the witness answers, merge the calls you are all set.

Are my messages saved in a WitCom database?

Answer: Like text messages, your WitCom messages are only stored locally on your device and not in any WitCom database.

Can I use my WitCom account on multiple devices?

Answer: No. Since we are storing your messages locally, your use of WitCom is limited to one device. If you move your account to a new phone, you will lose access to the account on the previous device including all messages.

How do I contact WitCom support?

Answer: Send an email to support@witcom.io with your name, contact information, description of issue, and any applicable screenshots.

For Witnesses

If I call or text the defense attorney, will they find out my real number?

Answer: No. As long as you contact the defense attorney on their WitCom number, your contact information is safe.

How do I contact WitCom support?

Answer: Send an email with any questions or issues to support@witcom.io.